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Myths about vision loss

In general, most people who buy online contact lenses first heard various myths about vision loss well before they required any treatment for their sight.  Indeed, the oft cited power of carrots to improve vision was a staple of the playground rumour mill for many of us.  It is of course understandable that those who have an ongoing need to buy online contact lenses may wonder whether reading in the dark, or sitting too close to the TV was responsible for the onset of vision problems.  Since life really is too short to beat yourself up in this fashion, here we look to debunk some of these unhelpful myths.

Starting with a persistent rumour regarding one of the basic tools for correcting vision loss, wearing ill-fitting glasses will not damage your eye health – the glasses may simply be uncomfortable to wear.  Contact lenses, on the other hand, can damage your cornea if the lenses are the wrong shape for your eye.  This means that you should always consult an optometrist before ordering online contact lenses for the first time, as this is not equipment which you can safely select on your own.

As you may have already gathered, neither reading in low light conditions nor sitting too close to the TV will damage your eyesight.  Both activities can stress the eyes, and therefore possibly lead to headaches, but there is no evidence that either practice results in damage to your vision.

Carrots are a good source of vitamin A, a nutrient which the body requires to maintain the health of organs around the body, including the eyes, but can actually be harmful in large doses.  What is certain is that overdosing on Vitamin A will not improve your sight.

You cannot improve your vision and therefore ditch the contact lenses by undertaking a course of eye exercises.  While various ‘alternative’ health practitioners have claimed – since at least the 1920’s – that you can ‘train’ the eye through a kind of optical aerobics, there is no hard evidence that such exercises actually work.  While ophthalmologists may sometimes use a form of eye training when treating squints, this does not mean that eye exercises can correct the vision problems that are normally treated with glasses or contact lenses.

Contact lenses and glasses are not like other medical equipment, like for example ankle supports – put simply, wearing corrective lenses will not weaken your eyesight over time.  While the prescription that you need to wear is likely to change over the years, this does not mean that lenses or specs are ever responsible for a deterioration of your eyesight.


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