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Optical industry vlog forecast 2014

Visiondirect.co.uk have the pleasure to share professional insight into the optical industry for 2014. In this vlog, the opticians of Visiondirect present upcoming news and events within optometry; expected product launches and developments by top contact lens manufacturers Coopervision, Bausch & Lomb, Ciba Vision, Johnson & Johnson and R&L Vision.

Summary of part 1

  • New lens: BioTrue for astigmatism
  • New lens: BioTrue monthly contact lenses

Summary of part 2

  • New silicone hydrogel contact lens by R&L Vision
  • Alcon (Ciba Vision / Novartis) to discontinue Focus DAILIES all day comfort in April/May to pitch the successor DAILIES Aquacomfort plus
  • DAILIES Aquacomfort plus will be extended into include new toric and multifocal lenses
  • New silicone hydrogel colored lenses by Alcon, expected colors: blue, green, grey and hazel
  • Coopervision recently launched MyDay, it is expected that they will launch toric and multifocal lenses in similarity to Alcon

Putting Sight Loss First

Fight for Sight, the main UK charity dedicated to funding pioneering eye research to prevent sight loss and treat eye disease, worked with key organisations across the sight loss and vision sector to produce a report outlining patients’ priorities for eye research. The report, the first of its kind, was launched at a reception at the House of Lords back in October to coincide with World Sight Day. Vision Direct is a proud partner of the charity.

Fight for Sight worked alongside other charities and organisations including; the College of Optometrists, NIHR Biomedical Research Centre for Ophthalmology, the Royal College of Ophthalmologists, RNIB, the UK Vision Strategy and Vision 2020 using a methodology  tried and tested in other health sectors by the James Lind Alliance (JLA).

Forming the Sight Loss and Vision Priority Setting Partnership the group consulted patients, relatives, carers and eye health professionals to get an insight into what is most important to those with first-hand experience of sight loss to have addressed through research.

In May-July 2012 a survey was conducted asking people to identify unanswered questions about the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of sight loss and eye conditions that patients, carers and eye health professionals wished to see answered. An amazing 2,220 people responded to the survey generating 4,461 questions.

After further consultation concluding in workshops top ten lists for 12 different eye disease/condition categories were collated.

The information gathered by the Sight Loss and Vision prioritisation exercise will help ensure that future research programmes funded by charities and organisations across the UK can be targeted according to the prioritised needs of people living with sight loss, their relatives, carers and eye health professionals.

Michele Acton, Chief Executive of Fight for Sight said: “Medical research in the UK is largely reactive. With limited resources available, it is crucial that those closest to eye conditions get their say in prioritising medical research into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of eye disease. For the first time, the Sight Loss and Vision Survey has allowed them to do just that.”

For further information or to review the report please visit here.

Last Post for Christmas nearly here!

Just a quick heads up that December 25th is inching closer. We’d like to remind you to place your any order you need for Christmas pretty soon as we have advised December 20th as the last day for posting in time for the holiday season. We still have courier services if you have left things to the last minute but there’s still time now to get your order in, avail of our free shipping and have it by Yuletide. Don’t forget to contact us if you have any questions or need any help.

Give the Gift of Sight this Christmas

They say Christmas is a time for giving, sharing, being with loved ones and should be a memorable day for all.

For the Henley family their 2010 Christmas was certainly a day that they would never forget.Their 18 month daughter, Matilda, had to spend Boxing Day at the local Accident &Emergency department.

In the lead up to this incident, Matilda was behaving completely out of character and would wake up screaming during the night which would continue for hours. These episodes were becoming a monthly occurrence.

Matilda was in excruciating pain and the family rushed her to their local hospital. Matilda’s mum Claire describes that Christmas as her worst ever, having to witness her child in so much pain and knowing that she couldn’t do anything to help.

It was confirmed that Matilda had a large scratch on her eye but her symptoms continued and she was referred to Great Ormond Street Hospital. It was here that a specialist diagnosed Matilda with corneal dystrophy, an inherited condition, which is currently incurable. They’re still unsure what form of the condition she has but they suspect it to be Meesmann’s, which is extremely rare.

It causes clusters of small cysts to develop across the surface of the eye, which make it
extremely sensitive to light, and cause blurred vision and the feeling that something is in the eye. In Matilda’s case the outermost layer of her cornea dries out causing the cysts to burst and expose delicate nerves.

Matilda, now aged four and half, continues to receive treatment to help manage her condition but has to wear sunglasses 80% of the time, come rain or shine, as her eyes are so sensitive.

Vision Direct is proud to support Fight for Sight who is currently supporting research into the condition and wants to share how you can donate a Christmas gift of £22.64 to help people just like Matilda.

Click here for further information on Fight for Sight’s Christmas appeal.

List of discontinued products at Visiondirect.co.uk

Discontinued products at Visiondirect.co.uk

Is the product you are looking for not on the list? Some products can be temporarily out of stock, but later be ordered. If it takes the supplier a long time to deliver, we may take specific products, prescriptions or colors offline to avoid long delivery times for customers.

Products that may be temporarily offline at Visiondirect.co.uk

For recommendations, read the product pages and/or related blog posts linked from the products names. For any outstanding questions, feel free to contact us directly via live chat!

Acuvue 2 Colors discontinued

The fornightly colored contact lenses Acuvue 2 Colors are discontinued at Visiondirect.co.uk and will no longer be produced after December 31, 2013. In this post, we inform what parameters the lens was available in as well as giving recommendations for possible replacements.

What is Acuvue 2 Colors?

The lens Acuvue 2 Colors was available in a 6-pack with colors that would either completely change the eye color of lighter or darker eyes, or intensify lighter eyes. Available colors were: Opaques (BC 8.3 and DIA 14.0): Sapphire Blue, Jade Green, Warm Honey, Deep Blue, Chestnut Brown, Hazel Green, Pearl Grey. Enhancers (BC 8.3/8.7 and DIA 14.0): Ocean Blue, Aquamarine, Emerald Green

Use to completely change the color of light or dark eyes.Use to intensify the color of light eyes.

Replacement lenses for Acuvue 2 Colors

Other colored lenses made of the same material Etafilcon A are the monthly replacements Flora, that comes in Blue, Green, Grey or Hazel. The color result however, will likely be different if you compare product images of Flora to the Acuvue 2 Colors.

On the other hand, if you are willing to try another material (comfort level may be different) you can see other colored lenses with the same description for Sapphire blue, Jade Green, Pearl Grey, Aquamarine and Emerald Green.

As always, consult with your optician for a personal recommendation.


Ciba Vision Air optix discontinued

The silicone hydrogel contacts Air optix were discontinued. The manufacturer Alcon (a.k.a. Ciba Vision) recommends Air optix aqua as replacements. We recommend to ask your optician for trial lenses fitted prior to ordering Air optix aqua cheap online, to ensure individual suitability.

Ciba Vision Focus Progressives discontinued

The contact lenses Focus Progressives for correction of presbyopia were discontinued. The manufacturer Alcon (a.k.a. Ciba Vision) recommends Air optix aqua multifocal as replacement lenses. We recommend to request a pair of trial lenses from your optician to ensure individual suitability prior to ordering Air optix aqua multifocal cheap online.

Fight for Sight joins forces with Healthspan

Fight for Sight, recent winner of the UK Charity of the Year recently announced a new partnership with Healthspan, the UK’s number one direct supplier of vitamins and supplements. Not only is Healthspan the lead sponsor of Carrots NightWalks 2013, but also for every pack of OptiVision and Retinex sold, Healthspan will donate 5p to Fight for Sight’s eye research, until May 31st 2014.

“Support like this takes us a step closer to making sight loss a thing of the past. 50% of sight loss in the UK is currently avoidable. A healthy lifestyle and diet as well as regular eye tests can go a long way to assisting in the maintenance of good eye health. In so many ways, this partnership is a real win for eye research,” said Healthspan’s Director of Development and Marketing, Julian Jackson.

As eyes grow older, they require more nutrition to maintain good vision, therefore eye specialists many times recommend supplementing the diet with eye vitamins. At Visondirect.co.uk, we sell a range of eye-care vitamins including the PreserVision range, available for non-smokers (including beta-carotene) or smokers (excluding beta-carotene).


Ciba Vision Freshlook Radiance discontinued

The coloured contacts Freshlook Radiance were discontinued by the manufacturer Alcon (previously Ciba Vision). As replacements, you can either check other Freshlook contact lenses or our full selection of coloured contact lenses. Click on individual product images to get an approximate color effect (end result will depend on your individual eye color).