CooperVision’s new visual identity

The well known contact lens manufacturer CooperVision is boldly refreshing their brand. Changes include a new look on their website, as well as new product packaging. The fact that a peacock is illustrated on the site says something about the new colorful look, as well as the statement:

It is all designed to emphasize what we’ve stood for from the start: a commitment to crafting world-class lenses by listening closely to the needs of eye care professionals and lens wearers

To review your identity as a company can be fruitful, but it can also result in unforeseen complications. The change of lens boxes is rather drastic. A risk with a much more colorful packaging, is confused contact lens users that believe they are buying colored contact lenses when in fact they are not.

The changes CooperVision are introducing are bold, risky and dramatic. Nevertheless, we hope it will prove beneficial, especially for wearers of our range of CooperVision contact lenses.