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What does ‘daily wear’ actually mean?

Here at Vision Direct one of the more common queries we get is from weekly or monthly lens wearers who are confused by what’s printed on their lens box. What does it say? ‘Daily Wear’.

So what does this actually mean? A daily wear lens is simply a lens designed to be worn each day for a number of weeks, depending on the brand and manufacturer. Therefore, weekly and monthly lenses may very well have ‘daily wear’ printed on the box. This does not mean you have to throw the lenses out after a single day.

At Vision Direct, we are encouraging the use of the phrase ‘single use‘ to describe the type of lens that is worn once and then thrown away. Single use lenses are commonly referred to as ‘daily disposable’ lenses and that’s how we still categorise them on our website. Still, we’re hoping the emergence of the term ‘single use’ is sign that the jargon surrounding contact lenses is becoming more common-sense and intuitive.

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