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How does the retina become detached?

Getting a detached retina sounds like a nightmare problem – and it is. It happens when the retina becomes separated from its underlying tissue, and unless the retina is reattached quickly, the problem may result in permanent vision loss.

This sounds like a pretty serious issue, so how do you spot retinal detachment? Well, if you notice spots in your vision or flashes of light, coupled with blurry or poor vision, then you might have a detached retina. Another sign is seeing a shadow or curtain descending from the top or across from the side, like the screenwipes in Star Wars. These signs don’t always come at once, and might happen gradually. But they add up to a nasty whole.

Sometimes, a retina might become detached after surgeries such as laser surgery – especially in those with bad nearsightedness – as well as cataract surgery. Certain illnesses and conditions can also bring on a detached retina, and on occasion it’s not quite enough to be cursed with a tumour or another eye disease, but you might have the displeasure of a detached retina, too. Diabetes and sickle cell disease sufferers might also suffer from retinal detachments, as they can cause fluid to build up within the eye. This build up of fluid pushes the retina away from the eyeball.

Some people believe that wearing contact lenses can cause retinal detachment, but nothing is further from the truth. Contact lenses are used in some treatments for a detached retina, as in some surgeries. It is always important to keep you eyes in good health, especially if you are near sighted or suffer from diabetes, and having regular checkups can certainly put your mind at rest.

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