The Fear – everything you wanted to know about inserting contact lenses (but were afraid to ask).

So you’ve decided to make the jump from glasses to contact lenses. A brave move, some might say. But what’s this? There’s a strange feeling in the pit of your stomach: it gnaws, it nags, it twists, and it turns. Is it that kimchi side order from last night? No – it’s the Fear. But be still, gentle reader, for those of you who are new to the world of contact lenses, online advice is at hand.

The key to inserting contact lenses is to be gentle. Oh, and relax. They’re your eyes, after all, and you don’t want to give yourself a poke in one of them. Putting on contact lenses for the first time is very different from putting on a pair of glasses, and your first, probably uncontrollable, reaction is most likely to recoil as your lens gets closer to your eye. So, relax. Take your time with it.

First up, get yourself a mirror. One of those magnifying ones you get in hotels or other people’s houses would be great, but if you don’t have one it’s not a big problem. A nice, clean surface over which to do battle is also recommended. Once those contact lenses are opened up, balance one on your index finger, with the edges facing up. Keeping it balanced there is the easy part, as the hard part is holding your eyelid open. Well, it seems hard at first, but after a few days of practice, you’ll find it all as easy as buying contact lenses online.

So, you’ve got the lens balanced on one index finger, and now using your other hand, hold your upper eye lid and lashes up against your brow. You’ll need to keep them out of the way of the lens, as nothing is worse than getting it all dirty and covered in lashes. Use your middle finger to hold your lower lid out of the way, and move your chin against your chest. Stay looking at the mirror – to see what you’re doing, rather than how odd you look – and have a glance up, so you expose the white of your eye. This is the key moment, so gently place your contact on your eye. Anywhere on your eye will do, and there are no points for accuracy. Try not to force the lens on, and fight the urge to close your eye as you bring the lens into contact with it. Once it’s on your eye, you can slide it over the cornea (the coloured part, to you and me), and bada boom, bada bing, as they say in New Jersey, you’ve inserted your very first contact lens!